Long Distance Consultations

I offer long distance mindfulness, meditation and other stress management technique consultations via phone or skype. We may focus solely on stress management or discuss ways to extend self compassion and a sense of worthiness. These are hour long sessions where we will discuss challenging experiences in your life and how to apply mindfulness to experience a greater sense of inner peace in your daily life. These sessions do not replace needed therapy by a mental health therapist, but are a wonderful support in your journey of self compassion and living a balanced life. Mindfulness practice can help bring to awareness the shadow aspects of ourselves that we feel most ashamed about and also help nurture this space within to experience self compassion. Mindfulness can also assist individuals with learning to be in the present moment and attend to difficult emotions. We all experience these emotions as we enter various phases of life. I personally practice these techniques on a daily basis and find the support to be essential to my health and wellbeing. I am not perfect at the practice, but have learned that there is no such thing as a perfect human being! We are all perfectly imperfect.

Some of the goals and areas of focus we can discuss through these sessions include:

Mindfulness sessions are held via Skype for those who cannot travel to my office and at times, I use imagery as a tool to process what arises during mindfulness practice. We can work with experiences of anxiety, stress management, and pain management/health conditions through mindfulness sessions.