What some of my clients in the Raleigh, NC area are saying about their hypnosis experience through personal testimonials:


“Jen is a wonderful person, teacher and guide who has helped me overcome years and years of harsh inner criticism and turmoil. Jen approached my situation in a most delicate and graceful way that was both understandingly heartfelt and professional.
Of course it is never easy trying to explain such embarrassing or personal feelings to anyone as our society is so apt to dismiss and ignore these trapped emotions which, unfortunately, often lead to even more self-demoralization and depression – often unconsciously. But what kind of living is that when there is a better way? That is why I sought out The Mindful Way.
After my session, I felt noticeably more at peace and at ease. For me, this was an unbelievable refreshing feeling! There was a sense of self-appreciation and I no longer felt trapped in my own cyclic pattern of grief and anger. Jen even gave me guidance on how to become aware of any destructive thoughts that may arise in the future and how to actively overcome them. With Jen’s skillful guidance I was able to find a better way forward that is a more nurturing, loving and self-accepting way of being. And that was the path that I was seeking all along!”
– Troy (Raleigh, NC)

“Jennifer Catlin is one of the best hypnotherapists I have ever gone to. She was able to help me touch on areas quickly, yet gently, to begin my journey in improving my self esteem. The tools she gave me for every day work are very helpful. The best part is she listens to her clients! Then the journey begins from there. The experience is amazing. Highly recommend her to everyone!!!!!”


“For some time, I’ve had an intense desire to become more spiritual. Now, I didn’t quite understand how that may apply specifically to me and my life but wanted to find out. After doing some research online, I found Jen and The Mindful Way and determined she might be an excellent person to help me as I read many positive testimonials from her clients on her website.
I arrived for my first session with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Being my first time, Jen confidently advised me to also trust in myself. This was sage advice. The discussion we had before we began was truly informative. Jen is down-to-earth, kind and very receptive. For me, she has a special way of connecting that is both comforting and gracious. Jen asked me several questions, took notes of our conversation and along with her expert understanding of the material, would help define the session that was to come.
After my session I did truly feel more connected, more alive and perhaps even more aware of my own being. Interestingly, I also felt more connected to my Higher-Self or Higher-Mind as some call it as to who I am as a person and why I am here at this time. Of course, one session cannot answer all my questions but it did, without question, open a spiritual door of sorts. Jen was instrumental in my success in having a truly wonderful and uplifting experience. I am looking forward to continuing my spiritual journey and will be scheduling my next session with her very shortly.
Thank you Jen for taking my vague reference of “I want to be more spiritual” when we first met and boiling it down to an experience that has been life-changing for me!”
-Troy (Raleigh, NC)

“Jennifer is such a joy to work with. I had a past life regression and she really helped me to relax and feel comfortable prior to the session. She also took a lot of time before and after the session which is important. A very loving person that puts you at ease the minute you meet her. I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to spend time with Jennifer.”


“Jennifer has an exceptional ability to convey a sense of peace and relaxation.  My mind was in turmoil due to the physical and emotional demands of my family to include a sudden death, a near death, and a life threatening illness with subsequent disability in my husband. I was overwhelmed by her demeanor, soothing voice and counseling skills provided me with a calmness I’ve never before experienced along with the ability to sort through and manage my roller coaster emotions.”



“I had such a wonderful experience during my hypnotherapy session with Jennifer and truly appreciated her flexibility to travel to the Cary office and work me into her schedule in such a timely manner. I found the overall experience very comforting and her voice very soothing as she helped me overcome my anxiety as I faced my National Board Exam.  I really appreciated the  tools she gave me to help recognize and conquer my fears and anxieties, and  I am still able to utilize them when faced with any challenges. I highly recommend Jennifer Catlin for her professional and effective hypnotherapy services and will not hesitate to return for more hypnotherapy if needed in the future.”

– K.S.

As someone who has had a near death experience, I have been on a long spiritual journey of expanding my consciousness and connecting with my past life experiences to glean hints for living my life more fully and overcoming challenges.  I recently learned about Life Between Lives regression and knew that it would be of great benefit to me.  I was so fortunate to find Jennifer, who has helped me with an astounding life between lives regression that has resulted in many opening doors in my life.  I can’t possibly recommend her highly enough and I now consider her a true friend, as well. 



“I came to Jennifer at a difficult juncture in my life.   I had some problematic health issues and my parents were close to the end of their lives, which brought up lots of unresolved childhood issues. Jennifer was extremely compassionate which allowed me to share and resolve some of my deepest problems.   She has continued to support me, and frankly, I just can’t say enough about the progress she helped me achieve and the effectiveness of her combination of mindfulness and hypnosis.   I don’t think you can go wrong with Jennifer.”


“I first contacted Jennifer Catlin at The Mindful Way as a last resort to gain access to fragmented memories of my childhood.  I had been attending traditional counseling on and off for years with little success.  The traditional counseling sessions would always hit a wall and could not continue due to the frustration of the inability to access the memories I had hidden away.  I was skeptical that hypnosis could help me retrieve the information, however I was desperate to try.  During the first meeting Jennifer immediately put me at ease, explained what hypnosis was and the process we would take.  She made me feel safe as she gently led me to my suppressed memories.  She was present with me and kept a protective net around me as I explored my memories.  The visualizations given to me through the exercises kept me focused on the goal at hand while making it easy to assign pictures, colors and sounds to my feelings.  As Jennifer guided me week after week through the cobwebs I finally reached my destination which gave me all of the answers I desired.  The answers then led me to a wholeness that I had not felt in years.  I would highly recommend Jennifer Catlin and her expertise in hypnosis therapy.”


 “The words “thank you” are way too simple and in no way express the gratitude my heart feels experiencing the Life between Life session. My life has truly been altered on so many levels.  I can say that I have found peace within my soul, and I have found completion with the pain I carry from my miscarriage 17 yrs ago.  The amount of information I brought back will surely bring me strength to continue my life journey…    If I could have one wish for the people of the world, it would be that everyone experience a LBL session with you!!!! “


“My LBL session with Jennifer was truly an incredible experience. I went into the session with no expectations and was excited to see what came up. I have had several hypnotherapy sessions and a PLR done by Jennifer and they have all been insightful and awakening experiences. There were several things that were revealed to me that are very common from Michael Newton’s research of over 7,000 individuals. I had no knowledge of his writings before I had my session. It seems that people that have these type of sessions, regardless of ethnic background, intelligence level,etc. have very similar experiences. Very fascinating! I have been able to incorporate many of the ideas, visions, thoughts that I saw in my session in a very practical and useful way into my awakening process! I feel better emotionally and mentally about my own passing also, whenever that may be. I don’t know for sure what will happen, but I still feel better because I have had this experience. “


“My introduction to Jennifer was for a past life regression (PLR) session.  I had never been hypnotized before, and was a little skeptical that I could be.  That being said, I was also excited about the possibility of remembering another lifetime, and psyched myself up beforehand to just go with the flow. During the getting-to-know-you part of my appointment, before the regression process began, I felt increasingly comfortable being in Jennifer’s presence. I could tell she was a sensitive, tuned-in individual, who was going to guide me back in time with the utmost care.  And as it turned out, I had quite an incredible experience.  I’m definitely going back!”

 – J.R.

“Jennifer was professional and friendly, making me feel comfortable right when I walked in for my past life regression session. I wasn’t sure I would be able to do it, but it went well. The experience was profound; I’m amazed that I understand more and more about it as time goes on. Very much looking forward to another one!”


“I experienced a past life regression with Jennifer and absolutely love the fact that I continue to gain insight into the significance. Jennifer was so professional and kind.”

– S.T.


“Jen was able to help me so much with my intense fear of needles, through hypnosis. A few days after our session, I was able to have blood drawn, with minimal fear, and walk out within minutes. I was also able to go about my day normally. In the past, the process had consumed my mind with fear while trying desperately not to pass out, not always successfully, and limited my day to being home and trying to forget the experience.  Jen was gentle and understanding, and had a way of making me feel completely relaxed and open. It was an emotional experience, but one that I learned so much from and am glad I tried. If you have a fear, or something you need help dealing with, I urge you to contact The Mindful Way.”

– T.M.



I wanted to thank you so much for all your help.  I came to you a food addict and left a freed woman.  I tried so many programs end food addiction and lose weight, from 12 step programs to no less that 50 diet plans and nothing worked!  It was through your hypnosis program and the tools you showed me to use that allowed me to heal and release the emotional block I never new I had. I can not ever thank you enough for showing me how to be free.  I look forward to each day now without any thought or attachment to food, or going into the “zone” when I eat.  I am truly a free woman….  and before long I will be a skinny woman…..weight is beginning to be released.  You are truly a “god” send on so many levels.  After working with you I see that a person would never have to “accept the things they can not change”….  where there is will there will be change….  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
 – D.B.


“Jennifer is truly a professional that goes above and beyond a regular hypnotherapy session. She sincerely cares about your progress and puts in the time outside of the session to follow up and supplement it with other resources that may be beneficial. Her services are excellent and highly recommended!”


After Smoking Cessation Program:  “I am doing well so far. I haven’t had any (cigarettes) and the cravings seem to be better all the time.”



“In order for treatment to be effective, there needs to be a trusting bond between the giver and receiver. With you, I have found that bond, which helps me to gain insight into my feelings regardless if they are difficult to deal with or pleasant.”

– M.S.


“I was skeptical about the process and whether it was going to be useful or not. However,Jennifer guided me through a Past Life Regression session recently that was very helpful. She helped me relax very deeply which enabled me to access some subconscious thoughts and ideas that were blocking my joy and creative process. Now I am thriving and much more content! I am so glad I tried it!”


“I thought I would be nervous about being hypnotized, but it was relaxing and was very similar to my experience with guided meditation. With Jen’s guidance and specific questions I was able to find some answers about what I want to do next in my own journey. I don’t think I  could have pinpointed it on my own as easily without her help.”

– J.K.

“Jennifer was able to do a general hypnotherapy session with me.  Not knowing what to expect, I found the experience to be deeply relaxing as Jennifer guided me through many layers of progressive relaxation, and helped me create space where I could discover more about myself.  Her gentle, calm presence and voice were comforting and soothing in this crazy busy world.”

– A.K.

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