Hypnosis for Weight Loss



Diets offer some individuals improvement but this is often temporary at best because there is a deeper level of healing and nurturing that must first take place for permanent weight loss to occur. Rather than addressing solely the physical aspect, I provide support to the body, mind and spirit, which allows clients to experience profound, and long lasting effects. Through the work of hypnosis, you will be guided to discovering the emotional connection you hold to food, and will then forever release that connection. Sessions are client-centered, so I am here to guide you and hold space for you to safely explore. However, it is you, the client, who finds the means to heal. Through this specific hypnosis program, the attachment to food will not be transferred to something else. Instead, you will release the attachment completely. Most clients report after just a hypnotherapy session or two that they feel lighter in both body and mind and possess the confidence and strength needed to succeed with their health goals. This is a holistic, safe, non-medicated and non-invasive approach to achieve the weight that is ideal and healthy for you. While losing weight in a healthy manner is a process, breaking the emotional connection to food allows you to quickly set this process in motion.

The Mindful Way, LLC offers hypnosis services in Cary, NC at the Long Life Wellness Center just outside of Raleigh, NC.

What to expect:

Your first hypnosis session, designed to lose weight (or my preferred phrase, “release weight”) will be 2 hours long. We will spend 45 – 60 minutes talking and gaining background information during your first session which will help us to know what approach is best for you. All sessions are individualized to tailor your specific needs. I will offer specific resources to help supplement your practice at home. If you have any questions in between your sessions, I am here to help guide and support you on this path so you effectively achieve your goals.

The weight release program is paid for up front as a package consisting of 4 sessions at the completion of the initial appointment. Refunds are not allotted once payment is received. This process requires a firm commitment of attending all four sessions and is important.  Allow 2 hours for your first appointment. Each session thereafter is approximately 75-90 minutes long. Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted.

Special Note! 

While this is a non-invasive approach to releasing weight, this is not intended to be a substitute for medical care which may be needed for specific individuals. However, when medical care is needed, hypnosis is often a very effective support to help you feel better more quickly.


Here’s what some of our clients have to say about their work with us as they release weight!



I wanted to thank you so much for all your help.  I came to you a food addict and left a freed woman.  I tried so many programs end food addiction and lose weight, from 12 step programs to no less that 50 diet plans and nothing worked!  It was through your hypnosis program and the tools you showed me to use that allowed me to heal and release the emotional block I never new I had. I can not ever thank you enough for showing me how to be free.  I look forward to each day now without any thought or attachment to food, or going into the “zone” when I eat.  I am truly a free woman….  and before long I will be a skinny woman…..weight is beginning to be released.  You are truly a “god” send on so many levels.  After working with you I see that a person would never have to “accept the things they can not change”….  where there is will there will be change….  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
  – D.B.
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